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Welcome in the File Point world

File Point consists of a pool of engineers who, after many experiences in various sectors of IT, more contact with the' big Italian companies have decided to create a software in 2 versions, to give customers the ability 'to manage their whole site. The software we have combined a provider that meets the highest professional quality questions. The combined software company / provider' that that allows us to provide an Internet service company to 360 degrees. We work around the world precisely because 'provider and software house are designed to meet customer needs and any language. Our client 'who needs a website or scope of any one who wants to open an online store to sell: goods, services and benefits since, while the possible enlargement', in complete autonomy, change, even from his house, all text and photos on its site, as well as' manage: area news, mailing lists, shopping carts, transport costs for goods and sold .... almost everything! For most 'experts, even the graphics files and dynamic introduction. Certainly there is' something to say. We are not part of that whole gang of hacks and that 'without art improvised webmaster neither art nor part. What do we do it for 10 years. We believe to be part of that segment of professionals who know exactly recommend to his client, what is 'the right path for success in their activities' view from the profile of the new internet business. Contact no costs nothing. Just send an e-mail to raoul@filepoint.it indicated with a general request about the Internet needs of your company and / or Your online store: Whether there I had already 'and whether you want to open it, but do not know exactly how. We advise you then you will, of course, you decide whether or not people are looking for. Do not hesitate! There 'already' who is also opening virtual stores in your area! Want to leave the business of the century to the other? Think! Our prices? Extremely competitive and more in line with European standards .. Raoul and Mauritius, will be glad to welcome in our offices in San Giuseppe di Cassola Avenue in St. Joseph, 131. Ask for an appointment at 0424-33165. You shall not go disappointed. We look Raoul Bortolon & Maurizio Valerio

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